GentleCath Air™ for Women

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Introducing GentleCath Air™ for Women

Our next generation intermittent catheter, GentleCath Air™ with FeelClean™ Technology is designed for maximum discretion, convenience and ease of use.

  • Female
    • CH10 – CH14
  • Discreet and mess-free: The AirCase™ is designed to blend discreetly into everyday life. The case is easy and quiet to open. It’s also resealable, so you can store your used catheter until you’re able to throw it away.
  • A low friction hydrophilic catheter: The smooth, slippery surface is designed to make cathing easier.
  • FeelClean™ Technology: GentleCath Air™ is made with our unique technology designed to reduce the mess left behind by cathing and help you avoid getting residue on your clothes, hands and body
  • Help with infection prevention: The FreshSleeve™ is an easy-to-handle, mess-free sleeve. It allows you to control the catheter while also helping to reduce the risk of contaminating it with bacteria from your hands.
  • Ready to use: GentleCath Air™ is lubricated and ready to use as soon as you take it out of the case.

*Study U378 GentleCath™ Glide hydrophilic catheter Final Report (n=39). Data on file.