What are some ways to be discreet about cathing?

There are many different aspects to being discreet with catheters to enable you to be confident as a user. To feel comfortable at home, particularly when hosting visitors that don’t know you use catheters, you may want to store your supplies in the bedroom, or in a container that doesn’t look like a box for catheters. You may also want to simply wrap them in toilet paper before placing them in the trash to avoid them being seen.

Outside of the home is one of the main areas people are concerned about discretion. For women, carrying catheters in a handbag is fairly easy, but when walking to the bathroom without a bag some users may decide to slip the catheter up their sleeve to keep it hidden, if they don’t have any pockets.

Men also have a number of different approaches they may use to be discrete, such as putting the folded catheter into a pocket, storing one inside a money belt or, for short trips to the bathroom, even placing one inside a sock. Depending on the catheter you use, you may want to carry a sealable bag to put the catheter into after use, so that you can place it in a pocket until you get to a trash can. The important thing is to find what works for you and give you confidence and relief from worries related to cathing.

Here are some tips when having to cath in a public restroom.

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