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For years Belinda tried to understand why she was always getting bladder infections.

After several hospital visits, multiple doctors, injections, pills, various tests and surgeries, Belinda was eventually diagnosed with urinary retention, still with an unknown cause. Belinda’s bladder wasn’t properly emptying causing frequent bladder infections and after trying a few mildly effective techniques, she started her self-cathing journey. Petrified of the thought at first, Belinda felt optimistic about this simple opportunity to improve her situation and get rid of the endless infections.

Throughout Belinda’s story, she shares her raw emotions along with personal challenges she tries to overcome through her new-found routine.

“Even though I try to be positive I think I still haven’t fully accepted this part of my life yet.”

From practicing at home (a lot), to working up the courage to cath in a public, non-disabled bathroom, to having the confidence to find a new job and to travel to Australia and Dubai, Belinda decided to shift her anxieties to a positive outlook and now, nothing can stand in her way!

“I felt proud of being flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances without worrying and have resolved to try and keep this attitude up.”

For the first year of Belinda's cathing journey, she kept a journal tracking all her experiences. Read Belinda's full story and a few of her journal entries below. 

Belinda's Full Story

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