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“If I reduce the amount of fluids I drink, it can help reduce the number of times I need to self-cath.”

In general, staying hydrated is essential for keeping the body functioning at its optimal level. It also helps flush out bacteria and toxins from your system. Whether you’re new to self cathing or have been cathing for some time, at no point should you drastically alter your daily intake of fluids. The body will continuously produce urine as you eat and drink, a process that slows during sleep, so we make the most urine during the waking hours.

You may think the less you drink, the fewer times you have to self-cath throughout the day. However, it is so important to not deprive your body of fluids. On average, it is recommended to drink around 6-8 8oz glasses of fluid per day1. Some people will need more and others less.

Learn more about the importance of staying hydrated here.

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