Tracking Liquid Intake and Urine Output When Cathing

Especially in the beginning of your cathing journey, your healthcare professional will likely recommend maintaining a self-cathing schedule or routine. Part of your new routine may include keeping track of your liquid intake and urine output. This will be important so that your doctor can potentially monitor your approach to cathing, and ensure you are fully emptying your bladder.

You may want to write down each time you drink fluids to track your intake. You can monitor your urine output using a metered collection bag or other receptacle with measurement markings. Some catheters come with bags as a part of the catheter, and others can easily be attached. Learn more about the GentleCath Pro-Closed System with a collection bag.

To help make tracking your liquid intake and urine output easier, we’ve created a simple fluid tracker. With this tracker, you can easily record your intake and output by the hour throughout the day and share with your doctor as needed.


Your healthcare professional will let you know if you should measure your liquid intake and urine output during your self-cathing routine.

Remember, whether you’re new to self cathing or have been cathing for some time, at no point should you drastically alter your daily intake of fluids. You may think the less you drink, the less times you have to self-cath throughout the day, however, it is so important to not deprive your body of fluids. Read more about staying hydrated here.


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