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Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Tips

We can’t guarantee you will avoid infections completely, but taking certain measures can help reduce your risk of getting an infection.

Always speak to your doctor or healthcare team as your first step in dealing with a UTI. These are tips only and not a substitute for medical advice.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly before and after cathing: see our hand washing guide here
  • Clean your genital area, especially around the entrance to the urethra, using an antiseptic wipe
  • Try to touch the catheter as little as possible, or not at all
  • Avoid fragranced washes, rinses and soaps
  • Drink plenty of clear fluid, ideally water
  • Wear cotton underwear that is not too tight
  • Avoid pants that are tight around your genital area
  • Some healthcare providers recommend taking cranberry extract, drinking cranberry juice or taking a natural remedy such as Waterfall D-Mannose. Speak to your doctor to determine what might be right for you
  • Pee after sex

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