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“If self-cathing feels uncomfortable, either I’m doing it wrong or it’s not for me.”

For many people, cathing may feel uncomfortable at first. This does not mean you are doing it wrong. There will be an adjustment period as your body gets used to inserting the catheter.

There is no set time frame for when your body will adjust, but once it feels like second nature, you should still be gentle and careful to prevent any damage. If discomfort continues, worsens or you experience any bleeding, consult with your doctor immediately.

It is also important to know you are cathing with the right products. Catheter sizes will vary from person to person. Using the incorrect catheter size could affect your cathing routine, comfort level and effectiveness to empty your bladder. You and your doctor can determine together what size and length catheter may best suit your individual needs. Your doctor should take into consideration your preferences as well as your particular anatomy.

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