Only GentleCath Glide™ catheters have FeelClean Technology™ and are designed for a faster, cleaner, and more comfortable cathing experience.

Traditional coated hydrophilic intermittent catheters are dipped into a coating and then left to "cure" ensuring the hydrophilic coating adheres to the outside surface of the catheter.

GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ is the first and only catheter where the slippery hydrophilic properties are integrated inside the catheter itself rather than having a sticky coating. Without this coating, FeelClean Technology™ does not stick, so it protects your delicate urethra,2,3 your body's first line of defense against UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections).†4

GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ helps improve outcomes and quality of life for intermittent catheter users.3

Gentle Protection. Confident Living.


Protects the urethra due to no sticking2,3


Designed to reduce discomfort, bleeding, and the risk of UTIs2,3


Minimal mess and residue2

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PVP Free En


GentleCath Glide™ catheters are the only hydrophilic catheters that are not made with PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). PVP is used in glue and is what makes catheters sticky when they dry.

No Sticking En

No sticking*

As coated catheters dry, they can become sticky which makes removal uncomfortable. With FeelClean Technology™, it takes 39% less force to start removing than the leading coated catheter.*

Minimal Mess En

Minimal mess and residue2

Because FeelClean Technology™ locks in the hydrophilic properties and doesn’t require a coating, users can enjoy more comfort without the unpleasant mess or residue associated with coated catheters.

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Feelclean Stat 1

90% of patients rated GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ better than their usual catheter for comfort during use1

Feelclean Stat 2

87% of users rated GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ better than their usual catheter for cleanliness1

Feelclean Stat 3

>85% of users rated GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ “very comfortable” or “comfortable” for comfort on insertion and removal1

Try GentleCath Glide™ with FeelClean Technology™ Today

*In vitro data on file. 1 Study U378 GentleCath™ Glide Final Report (n=39). Data on file. 2 Pollard D, Allen D, Irwin N J, Moore J V, McClelland N, McCoy C P. Evaluation of an Integrated Amphiphilic Surfactant as an Alternative to Traditional Polyvinylpyrrolidone Coatings for Hydrophilic Intermittent Urinary Catheters. Biotribology. 2022;32(Dec 2022):100223. 3 In vitro data on file. 4 Jafari NV, Rohn JL. The urothelium: a multi-faceted barrier against a harsh environment. Mucosal Immunol. 2022;15(6):1127-1142. doi:10.1038/s41385-022-00565-0. †Urethral trauma is a risk factor of UTIs.

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