Ah, weddings. I’m sure we all feel a mix of joy and dread as the invitation lands on the doormat. We’re happy for the happy couple, sure. So there’s joy, or perhaps expanded to it’s full word, j(eal)o(us)y. But planning for the specific day itself can lead to... well alright, ‘dread’ is a strong word. Let’s go for ‘mild anxiety depending on the geography and general expectation of the day’.

I attended a wedding recently. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll zoom in on a few issues and potential hurdles.

First, the bachelor party. They’re fun. But then, they’re enforced fun, which is never quite the same. There’s a potentially erratic schedule; possibly involving staying over in some unfamiliar city, or go-karting in the middle of nowhere, with one grotty toilet. I’m no killjoy, but put it this way: I’m best man at a wedding next year, and when I plan the bachelor party, there’ll be adequate bathroom facilities.

At this recent bachelor party, there was paintballing, which was fine and fun, although for the urologically hindered like me, there’s always that worry of a fierce paintball to the bladder. As for the lone bathroom, I queued and queued and, significantly, the guys behind me queued and queued even longer. Catheters take time, people! Luckily, they were mostly buddies who weren’t left wondering what in the world I was doing in there.

Drinks in the bar after were fun too – though there’s always that trickiness of planning your next bathroom break, only to find we’re heading to the next bar, or spending an hour searching for the Italian restaurant the best man has booked.

Cheer up, I hear you say – weddings are happy occasions! And we’ve still got the big day yet... We’ll get to that next time.

The opinions expressed here are of a personal and anecdotal nature, and are in no way a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.

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