Can I travel with my catheters?

Yes! A little planning may help to ensure you have enough supplies and alleviate any stress, but a lot of users travel all around the world with their intermittent catheters.

You may want to consider the number of days you will be away and the most catheters you use in a day to determine the right number to take… then add a few spares, just in case. Don’t forget to take a matching number of any accessories you typically use – such as wipes, a mirror or collection bags. It can also be a good idea to pack some supplies in carry-on luggage for flights, in case of any baggage issues and so you have some available for the flight. You may also want to ask your healthcare professional for a note to provide to security staff, so that they know what you have in your luggage and why, to avoid them taking them out in front of other passengers during an inspection.

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